Myofascial Release


It is believed that many people who suffer from pain and lack of mobility may have Myofascial restrictions.

Fascia is the tough connective tissue that surrounds and spreads throughout the body in a 3 dimensional web. It surrounds every muscle, bone, nerve, blood vessel and organ right down to cellular level.

Any malfunction of the fascial system, due to trauma ( emotional or physical), surgery, stress, accident or injury, inflammation or repetative patterns and posture can cause the fascia to stick, creating abnormal pressure on nerves, muscles, bone and organds resulting in pain and dysfunction.

MFR is a safe, hands on therapy that involves applying gentle sutained pressure by the therapists hands into the connective tissue to eliminate pain and restore motion.

Latest research has shown that the fascial system is like a fibre-optic network. These tiny micro-tubules of the fascial system are filled with a liquid like a liquid crystalline matrix that bathes the cell sending information at incredible speeds and is now considered our primary communication system.

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