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Posted on Jan 25 2013
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Very good. Cathy was able to pace the workshop perfectly, she easily involved all participants, despite our different experiences. She seemed very knowledgeable and confident on the subject, as well as transparent about the limits of her expertise, where she was able to refer us to appropriate sources. She explained clearly both the theoretical and the practical parts of the course and answered exhaustively our questions. Finally her teaching style was worm and enjoyable

Cathy was a fantastic tutor. She had so much knowledge, was a real positive energy and made the day very enjoyable. I would definitely book again!

Cathy is a brilliant tutor with a very humble approach which keeps a comfortable, relaxed and enjoyable learning environment..

Hi Cathy

Thankyou so much for that training. I booked it because I am treating 2 people in particular who have chronic back pain. I treated one of them yesterday and used the cross holds either side of his spine, followed by skin rolling, then I needled him locally (distal points where already in) and he rang me today to say that for the first time in 20 years he has been pain free. 

I also had a new patient, you know those tricky ones, very demanding, booked deep tissue but kept asking for deeper even though I was practically standing on her, so I wiped all the oil off her and used the MFR techniques (and even the cranial base hold!) and she loved it and booked me again for Monday as she left. 

So thanks! That's great and really really useful and getting me rave reviews and repeat bookings already! So I'm very happy and very impressed.


  • Cathy is a first class Tutor and I would attend her courses again. She has a warm way that makes you feel comfortable and...View

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